1. Hook (1991)

So we all know the story of Peter Pan, Hook is like the sequel of it. Deep down we all wanted to know as kids that what life he would be living , after all , as a normal person who age with time. In this movie ‘Hook’, Peter Pan confronts his enemy Hook and his pirates after they kidnapped his kids also he fights for the freedom of other ‘Long lost boys’.

It is a good family oriented movie based on fantasy and adventure which never ceases to captivate your interest till the end. I have watched this movie after many years of its release on my national TV channel , aired on a Saturday movie night.

2. Matilda (1996)

This is a story of Matilda as young adopted child who is ignored by her foster parents and brother. Soon she finds out her extra ordinary magical powers which she manifests on her ruthless, child-hater Principal to teach her a lesson. The plot runs around some absurd yet funny moments kids seems to enjoy, I sure did.

It is a nice comedy, fantasy and family based movie released in the era of Super Hero genre by which little girls can feel empowered too. I have watched this movie at a friends house on a slumber party, so, here is another movie you can add to your list.

3. Baby’s Day Out (1994)

This movie runs around the Baby Bink who gets to spend an eventful day out alone, filled with extraordinary occurrences when he is kidnapped and then lost by the three impostors. The story revolves around the run and chase of the baby and kidnappers throughout the city. From a bus ride to a construction site and to a zoo park, the baby manages to escape all three of them and they gets into trouble multiple times in the events of tracking down the baby.

It is a very light mood fun comedy movie that people from any age group can enjoy. I have watched this movie at my Grandparents house with them and with my uncle, that too on a VCR!! Yes, perks of being 90’s kid.

4. The Secret Garden (1993)

This one is based on a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett which was written in 1910 – a classic of children literature. Since then several movies were filmed and many theatre shows were played but the one which was filmed in 1993 has left a great impression on the minds (may be because it happened to be in 90’s).

It is a pure and innocent story of a little girl Mary Lannox who is recently orphaned and travelled to move in England from India to live with his uncle in a Manor. The set and picturization is excellent considering the time. It is about how she unveils the hidden secrets in Manor and the locked up secret garden. The way how she brings that dead Manor and everything into life was the most fascinating and magical experience to watch as a young girl to me specially when I have read the novel first which I bought from an old book house and then found the movie.

5. Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone is a fun Holiday movie to watch and revolves around an 8 years old mischievous boy who is mistakenly left alone in their big house by his family, when all 15 of them were rushing to airport to spend Christmas in Paris. Meanwhile, two burglars plans to break in their house, little do they know that a clever little boy is inside to defend the house. The series of plans and plots to make the burglars run away, really keeps you indulge in the movie till the end.

The movie itself was a great success that they filmed 2 more sequels after the first one.

There were number of other movies released in 90’s but there are only a few movies which you want to relate or define your childhood or 90’s time with. I tried hard not to include any of the Disney movies but I cannot deny the fact that they took Disney Fairy Tales up a notch too at that time but then all Disney movies are iconic. You cannot really make a selection.

What are the movies you loved watching as a kid in 90’s?

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