FLYING EXPERIENCE WITH Go Fly Oxford – I got wings to fly

Happiness is essential in life and when it comes with a merry gift from someone who possess great value in your life, it rejuvenates the whole purpose of living. Well mine came with adrenaline rush one day. My husband Ali bought me a flying experience with Go fly Oxford which is located at London Oxford Airport in Kidlington. So, we took a 1 hour 15 min journey from Southampton to London Oxford Airport. I was having cold feet but I managed to keep it cool and asked Ali to let me know when we are near so that I gear up. After an hour of travelling I noticed something in the sky, it was aircraft and people paragliding and sky diving! He said that we are almost there darling and I felt shiver crawl up and down my spine because flying was such an extreme sport for me.

After we checked in, they tagged along the instructor who first demonstrated Aerodynamics of a 4- seater flight aircraft. Next, he demonstrated the flight control unit after which we were set to take off. The take-off and landing part is not included in experience which is understandable because you cannot grasp this level of finesse after a brief demonstration. Once the instructor took that aircraft up to a certain altitude, he gave me the control of yoke and that was the longest 20 minutes of my life. My hands were sweaty and the adrenaline rush was extreme! I turned the yoke to make the aircraft go right and left a few times as per his instructions. After my control time ended, he made a quick and sound landing. After the experience, I felt like a different person, brave and empowered, not fearing anything at all. I was safe and on land! Its a strange feeling you get after defeating the fears in your life.

In my opinion, this is a very unique gift to buy and an experience one can never forget. Go fly Oxford gives you the privilege of wide air experience and private flying options, they offer pilot training as well and is situated at two well suited places. Their main office is located in London Oxford Airport in Kidlington, Oxfordshire where they provide commercial and private training and; Hinton Airfield, Northamptonshire, for private training only. Across UK they cover areas of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and London UK.

Click on Go fly Oxford for online bookings and to check out their experience packages. You can buy more flying time and redeem your voucher as well. I highly recommend this if you cherish some challenge and adventure in your life.





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  1. Juniper Rose Jones says:

    Oh how fab, I would have very mixed reactions to this, both exhilaration, fear, excitement, and squingey butt! That feeling I get when I know I am about to do something that will take some courage.

    Well done you! My husband would love to get his pilot licence. Maybe one day.

    Great gift idea.

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    1. Umamah Ali says:

      Thank you Juniper Rose. My husband was sitting right behind me,taking all the pictures and videos from inside the plane. It was fun.
      I am sure your husband ll enjoy his license course. 😊


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